Thursday 10 March 2011

Mother love...

Finally am getting there....I am finishing off more of my quilts...
On Monday my mum helped me press 3 large quilts and get their backs measured and cut. I put some additional touches to them and now they are ready for quilting...

It's good to have mother love around:

This one is my Lecien cross quilt. It looks adorable and I have added another photo of it at the end even though it is too large to hold open and photograph (arghhh!!! usual photography challenges!)

More Lecien fabric for the back but the main quilt (which was meant to be my pregnancy quilt and I doubt it will be on my bed before the baby is born!!!!) is made of loads of scap squares including shot cottons:

And finally, OBVIOUSLY a Kaffe Fassett to conclude with!!! I absolutely love this quilt. It will look fab when quilted and I have finally decided that this will be a present for my daddy who has not seen any of my quilts yet...


This is a snapshot of the Lecien cross quilt. It is very very sweet and despite being a bit of a pain in terms of making sure the squares were all in the right place, it was all extremely well worth it!

Thank you mummy even though you will never read my blog

Amelie x


  1. Love the Lecian cross quilt top... I missed you last week. Are you joining us this week? take care xx

  2. Hi Fiona,
    thank you!!! see you on Wednesday. I have your blocks all ready and hope am not too late?
    a xx


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