Friday 18 March 2011

The Charm of the Packs

It is incredible what a charm pack can do!!! and it is even better when one can break the mould of the solid white...
This is certainly different for me and I am in love with the greys at the moment...

Another little quilt top done with "Its a Hoot" by Momo:

The pinks lend themselves very well to the dark grey fabric...

And here is a little glimpse of the new quilt I started last is (of course another Kaffe Fassett quilt!!!) and despite the 15 minutes it took to work out how to cut the 60 degree diamonds I finally got there!
I was originally planning to keep the solid green fabric on its own as the in-between diamond but I have a bit of leftover fabric and I think it looks quite good mixed in with the solid?

It is probably madness to be starting new quilts at 33+ weeks of pregnancy but then the name of honesty, one has to accept that the mind is very weak when it comes to gorgeous fabrics and loads of ideas!!!!!

                                                                         Amelie x

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