Monday 4 April 2011

A different kind of diamond!

and thank god these are NOT forever or I would be losing the last few bits of sanity I have left!

Here is the finished product (minus basting, quilting and binding):

I bought a kit of beautiful blues and greens (Kaffe Fassett of course) from Tikki as they were utterly irresistible (I would say that though, wouldn't i????)...I brought them home, stroked them loads and thought about them loads too...then I found a pattern in a magazine and thought I found the perfect match for the beautiful fabrics...and I had never attempted diamonds before so here was my challenge and my chance to learn something new...I know I continue to do the "fools rush in where angels fear to tread...":

Now, nobody/no pattern tells you HOW to piece these diamonds together especially the very tricky diamond 9-patch pieces...I tried so many ways and failed time and again...until the last row...isn't that funny? I finally got the hang of them but I cannot begin to tell you how tough this learning curve was!!! and here is one of my good 9-patch diamonds!!!

and a few of my favourite large diamonds...I just love these fabrics...they make me almost drool with joy when I see them...  

and of course I have leftovers...quite a few of I played on the design wall and here are a couple of ideas i liked best:

but the future holds more baby quilts, so I am in no hurry to finish this off just yet....

                                                               Off to ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now

                                                                           Amelie x

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