Wednesday 6 April 2011

Happy Birthday Bloggy!!!!!

Today my blog is 1 years old!!!

It all started very tentatively as a way for me to record my quilting journey and learn and grow as a quilter...
Making new friends amongst the quiltaholic community came along the way and it is now a very enjoyable part of my quilting and learning.

As a way of celebrating my birthday and also destashing a bit (i cannot seem to make enough of a dent in my collection of fabrics!!!), I have 3 little giveaways that I am happy to post anywhere around the world...

Number 1:  panel piece from Building Blocks by American Jane. Absolutely gorgeous images

Number 2: Jelly Roll- Hushabye Baby from Tula Pink. A gorgeous cmbination of pinks, greens and browns...

Number 3: three charm packs from Westminster fabrics. One is Jennifer Paganelli "Dance with me" and the other two are Dana Fishbein "Monaco". They are VERY bright and funky but please note that unlike Moda charm packs these only contain 22 5' squares each.

The closing date for the giveaways is Sunday 10th April (shall we say GMT midnightish?) and the winners names will get picked randomly (unless of course I only get 3 comments/replies...let's hope this will not become an exercise in "nobody loves me, nobody cares, I will go to the bottom of the garden and eat worms"!!!! ).

To enter, please tell me:

what you find most challenging about quilting - one entry!
if you follow- put an extra entry in telling me that you follow-two entries!
if you don't yet follow but now you do, please let me know and that will count as your 3rd entry!!!!!

Email me your name and email address so I can communicate with you if you are the winner. My email address is

Good luck :-)
                                                                        Amelie x


  1. Well the hardest thing about quilting for me is still the ever elusive 1/4 inch seam! I like your blog very much (just discovered it today though-love your flikr photos too, what an inspiration they are)
    leslie miller

  2. What a generous giveaway! The hardest thing about quilting is hauling the quilt around my little machine- i tend to quilt as you go to avoid this! I love the last little pic of the pink flower print, very pretty

  3. Very nice giveaway. Happy birthday blog, by the way!
    I also find the quilting of a large quilt the most challenging, and the basting the most anoying process.

  4. I follow you (as MEIN LADEN) now...

  5. Cool, my birthday is April 10th!
    Leslie at again.

  6. The hardest thing is start, cut the fabrics and of course the seamings, never straight! I follow a lot of people, especially my bee colleagues.
    The giveaway is so generous. You are for sure a special person!

  7. Time it has to be the tinme to quilt.. Who needs to do housework...
    and yes I happily follow you... Round and round JBF on a wednesday night usually... xxx

  8. The hardest??? I've never done one yet, but this is THE year!! But what I'm finding hard now is choosing the fabric and the style of quilt.... Let alone the cutting, the piecing, oh my!!!!

  9. Hi Amelie, Happy Birthday blog. the hardest thing for me is putting the layers together and the quilting. yes i do follow your blog with great interest.

  10. Darn, I am too late! I read your blog regularly but this week I seem to have read it at the wrong time! Oh well, maybe next time you have an anniversary giveaway.

  11. Oh, and this is not the hardest thing with quilting but the one that I like the least - pinning! Uuugghhhh! For me the hardest is deciding which fabrics to use and where.


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