Wednesday 27 April 2011

Tah Dahhhhh!!!!

I have had a couple of good quilting days. It does not feel like I have done a lot but this is why bloggy is here - to remind me (amongst other things) of quilting progress.

So, without further delay, here are my latest blocks:

and I love each one of them even though they are far from perfectly pieced!!! I have to confess to patience not being very profound at this point of my quilting life...I am starting to become more confident in introducing a wider variety of my scrap fabrics in this quilt and when I have put all the blocks i have made so far on the design wall, they look great glaringly scary fabrics out of place yet!

I have also finished two more little people's quilts that I have been working on for a while. You might reall this from previous posts:

I started working on this quilt over a year ago and it is based on a pattern in the first Material Obsession book. I simply adore the owls fabric (Alexander Henry) even though some of them are very moody and a little unfriendly!!!
Here is a zoom in on the owls. I quilted this using a wavy line on the seams and it looks very nice overall.

This is the backing fabric which I came across cmpletely by accident on a day trip miles away from home with Mr Whirlygiggles when I discovered a small fabric shop in Eastbourne!!!  It is cord and it is so soft and beautiful and warm and completely unsuitable for this early summer weather we are having at the it will get washed and be stored away for future use!!!

and a close up of this fabric! love it!!! it is so bright it it makes me smile every time I look at it!

and finally, I also managed to finish this little experiment of a quilt which came together very unexpectedly (another one of those flights of fabric fancy I get quilte often!) but again, the brightness and the whole combination of the colours make me smile loads!!!
I have to say that everything about this quilt including the final pattern as it has turned out came from my mind with little preparation or drawing...I had a few ideas to start with and a few combinations of the HSTs in it but this is the final product and although (again) far from well pieced, I think it will make some little girl very very happy!

That's all for now!
                                                                      Amelie x

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  1. I love the blocks you are making, are you using a pattern?


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