Saturday 9 April 2011

Quilting by Trimester!

Tah Dah!!!!!!

Remember my "It's a Hoot" pinwheel quilt? here it is finally finished and quilted on the ditch with a variegated pink, yellow and green thread.

  and the back is soooo cute and full of owls!!!:

Anyway, back to Quilting by Trimester:

last week I met with a very close friend who had her second baby 10 weeks ago. In the chatting-breastfeeding-chatting cycle, I said to her that in the first trimester I felt awful, sick and dying! I could not bear to look or touch fabric and that made me feel even worse and worried...even Mr Whirlygiggles was concerned and was constantly trying to encourage me back in the sewing cupboard!!!! In the second trimester I felt a massive boost of energy and quilted quilted quilted...I started to buy fabric again and even went to a few quilt fairs!!! In this third trimester (in my ninth month really) I feel like a headless chicken...I want to run but I cannot because am too heavy and tired and cannot see which direction to run!!!
My friend's reply was: "you wait until the fourth trimister my friend...that is the one when you feel and look exhumed!!!!!" OMG!!! what is going to happen to my quilting? any quilters with small babies out there please drop me a comment and tell me that you still can quilt!!!
New guilt: I know a few parents that played loads of Mozart to their unborn babies...I play loads of Husqvarna sewing machine sounds instead!!!! arghhhhhh quilty as charged!!!

and here are the latest creations, all small...all baby's!

This quilt is at the basting stage..I have decided that the pink (Lecien) and the red dot (Moda) fabrics are my ALL time favourites (for now!!! am a fickle fabric lover!!!):

and finally a bit made for the back of the diamond quilt out of leftover it!

and this is (a preview!!!) the central detail of the new little quilt all made by fabric from the stash!!! Mr Whirlygiggles thinks she looks like a took me ages to convince him it is Little Red Riding Hood!!!!

Off to do some more quilty pleasures stuff!!!

Amelie x

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  1. the diamond quilt is gorgeous and the back will be to. poor red riding hood!! i am sure you will find some time to quilt, the sound of the machine will be a unique lullaby.
    E. x


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